Specialized Mashrabiya Manufacturer

Aspire to be the world’s leading brand for decorative metal sheets.


We are a design and manufacturing firm specialized in Middle-Eastern decorative panels for exterior and interior spaces.

ABIYA is a catalyst for architects in the Middle East who want use the local context for inspiration. To design innovative buildings and spaces that engage with the natural environment. And pay homage to our rich and beautiful Arabic culture.

Our Middle Eastern decorative latticed screens (we call them Mashrabiya) serve many purposes. To cover entire buildings as a Middle-Eastern ornament. To provide ventilation and natural lighting. To bring shade to outdoor spaces. Or as inserts for balconies, space dividers or window screens. Or simply to ensure privacy, which is a fundamental cultural value in the Arab world.


ABIYA's corporate office and manufacturing plant is located in the gorgeous Emirate of Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Also known as RAK. This is the place where our Mashrabiya panels are designed and tailor-made to your specifications.



Company Leadership

Waldemar Buttner

Waldemar Buttner

Waldemar Buttner worked in Munich as a Strategy Consultant, advising international companies how best to realise their potential and maximise growth opportunities. Relocating to the UAE in Dubai, in his capacity as head of business development for an architectural company Mr Buttner identified the potential market for decorative metal sheets - known as mashrabiya.

Utilizing his business knowledge and experience, Mr Buttner established ABIYA. Subsequently, the business has grown to employ 40 people and has been awarded contracts for some of the UAE’s largest projects.

Mr Buttner has broad-based experience and a background in finance, business development and corporate strategy. He holds a Master’s degree from CASS Business School in London.


 “Every project is unique. And truly special. But all Mashrabiya panels we design have one thing in common. They start with a story. Always inspired by local art, culture and history of the city around it and the people who live there. Because Mashrabiya is a symbol of Islamic and Middle Eastern heritage. And we should cherish it.

So what can you expect when you hire us? Timeless elegance, craftsmanship, sustainability and a narrative for the future. “


Waldemar Buttner, Director