Customers can choose from a variety of products to complement and accentuate their interiors. The main product categories are dividers, feature walls, wall art and boxes. Products are read-made or made-to-order items.

Product categories are available in different styles. For instance dividers, those can be freestanding room dividers, hanging room dividers, or folded room dividers (paravent).

The product development team consistently works on new product launches to saturate the ever growing demand by architects and design lovers for mashrabiya products.


We define panels as sheet + frame = panel. A mashrabiya sheet which comes with a box section frame is a mashrabiya panel. Mashrabiya panels that's what we do best.

This business unit caters to architects. Here, architects are given clear technical guidance on possibilities and limitations; on what can be done and what can’t be done.

We have manufactured all sorts of panels and in each manufacturing step we optimized the previous models to offer a quality product that sets itself apart in price, quality and time.

Panels are mounted to the floor, ceiling or wall or in combination. Panels can be either in standard size, meaning not to exceed dimensions of 3000x1500mm or non-standard where 3000x1500mm is exceeded.

For non-standard panels various sheets are joined to achieve the desired dimension. While joining can be either by weld, glue, screw, bolt, other aspects of a non-standard panel involves adding support frame or having a hairline joint between sheets.

We categorize panels in fixed panels, sliding panels (doors), hinged panels (doors), curved panels and folded panels.


Facades are very fascinating. The fact that facades shape a city’s face and character, it's why we love to work on mashrabiya facades.

We divide facades into three categories: grit, vertical and horizontal. The grit type is a mix of vertical and horizontal box sections. Vertical uses vertical box sections, while horizontal uses horizontal ones. These box sections form the secondary frame work, which holds the mashrabiya sheets. 

Box sections for facades mostly come in steel; for structural reasons. Those box sections are anchored to concrete, and in some cases to I-beam structures. Then, mashrabiya sheets are fixed to the secondary frame.

As a specialist, we identify the best structural solution to have the least distorting visible effect of the box section (secondary frame); and set the focus on the continuity of the mashrabiya design pattern - if that’s the architect’s design intent.

Mashrabiya ceilings are categorized into framed, frameless and seamless.

Framed mashrabiya ceilings come with a frame. Once, a suspended frame structure is fixed to the ceiling structure, the mashrabiya sheet is placed on the frame. This ceiling category is quick and easy to install.

A frameless ceiling uses a “direct” fixation, where the mashrabiya sheet is fixed to the ceiling structure. No use of a suspended frame is necessary. This category is a great choice for ceilings, where mashrabiya is clustered along the ceiling, or where only few mashrabiya sheets are suspended from the ceiling structure as a focal point.

The seamless mashrabiya ceiling is used by architects where mashrabiya design patterns have to be consistent and continuous without any structural interruption. Here, the intent is to avoid any grit-type frame structure.

For all three ceiling categories, acrylic or plexiglass can be placed on the mashrabiya sheet for reasons to cover the ceiling structure and/or to integrate lighting elements.


Surfaces are wall-mounted mashrabiya wall panels. They are designed for large interior wall projects. The architectural intent is to provide a unique feature wall. Hallways, corridors, underpasses, tunnels or subways are the perfect application for ABIYA’s surfaces.


This business unit focuses on projects that require a custom design & build solution.

ABIYA’s in-house capabilities from design to installation allows fast execution, cost savings for contractors and clients, and qualitative workmanship.

Main focus of work in design & build projects is on building facades, ceilings, and all types of mashrabiya panels.

Our Design & Build projects usually involve projects for mosques, high-end hospitality (hotels and resorts), shopping malls, airports, private luxury villas, and large-scale villa developments.